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Refrigeration screw compressor

 Refrigeration screw compressor

Haocool not only focuses on the design and installation of cold storage systems, but also provides customers with recommendations for choosing relevant products used in refrigeration engineering, a full set of program designs, procurement assistance, installation, commissioning, and integrated turnkey project services.

In addition to our comprehensive cold storage facilities, we also offer individual cooling equipment setups. The refrigeration screw compressor package includes a series of products that are each highly effective and efficient for any of your cooling needs.

The screw parallel refrigerating unit meets the temperature requirements of -5 ~ 5 ℃, -15 ~ -30 ℃ respectively. They can be used in cold storage for hotels, restaurants, food processing facilities, sanitation, medicine and agriculture.

Compressor model: 50P ~ 300P
Refrigerant: R404A R507C
Motor voltage: 380V to 420V 50Hz
Noise value: 60 ~ 80dB (A)
Cooling capacity range: 1KW ~ 500KW
Condensation: air-cooled + water-cooled
COP value: 2.3 ~ 2.5
Protection level: IP54
Lubricant: BSE32
Energy regulation: 25 ~ 50 ~ 75 ~ 100%
Refrigeration conditions: -40 ℃ ≤ T ℃ ≥ +15 ℃

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