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Cold Storage Insulated Panel

 Cold Storage Insulated Panel

Specializing in the design and marketing of cold storage units, Howcool also provides customers with recommendations for choosing relevant products used in refrigeration engineering. We offer full sets of program designs, procurement consultation, installation, commissioning, and integrated turnkey project services. In the process of project constructoin, we recommend Howcool Cold storage insulated panels in order to maintain the internal temperature of your cooler installations.

Technical specifications of PUF panels
Thickness: 60, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200 mm

Surface material: Gl pre-painted sheet, S.S. sheet (Grade 304/316), Gl plain sheet, Galvanium. (Inside and Outside different metal can be placed upon request)

(A) For Kota stone or concrete floor, Puf slab with both side tar felt coated.
(B) For Kota stone or concrete floor, both sides feature a metal surface panel in which each side fits with cam lock and prevents temperature loss.
(C) Aluminium Chequered Plate with Marine Ply.

(A) Flush type: swing door with FRP profile, imported hardware, push type gasket and replaceable heater for easy door operation and long service life.
Size : 30”x72”, 34”x78”, 46”x84” (Door Opening W x H)
(A) Over Lap Type: Teak wood frame with metal covering by using heavy duty hardware for better strength
Size : 45”x84”,49”x84”,54”x84” (Door Opening W x H)

Hatch door / window
Overlap type window with heavy frame
Size: 20”x20”, 24”x24”

The corner panel ensures that the cold room has a 90 degree corner which provides stability to the cold room. The foamed-in design eliminates thermal loss and prevents bacteria buildup.

Imported hardware
All hinges and the handle are heavy duty cast alloys with a brushed-chrome finish.

Thickness of steel plate 0.4-1.5mm
Galvanizing process Hot galvanized, cold galvanized
Thickness of polyurethane board 100/150/200mm
Polyurethane width 960-1000mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.019kal/mh℃
Average density 40-50㎏/㎡
Compressive strength ≥0.2MPa
Maximum operating temperature 90℃
Minimum operating temperature -120℃
Fire-proof level B1,B2
Sr. No. Parameters Description
1 Average PUF Density 40 ± 2 Kg/ cu.mtr/ m³
2 PUF Blowing Agent 141B (CFC free)
3 Insulation Material Polyurethane foam
4 Temperature range +90°C to -60°C
5 Penal Type Discontinuous type with cam lock
6 M.O.C. Of Cam Locks Cam locks body material HIPS and male latch is made of nylon Glass field with GI sheet reinforcement. Cam-lock panel joints easy assembly and leakage resistant, panel-to-panel joints.
7 Type Of Panel Joints Tongue & Groove Joint with Cam lock and all side rubber gaskets
8 Corner Panel Available 12" X 12" X 132"
9 Ceiling Suspension items with specs MS bolt with thermal breaking cap. 4 mm thickness X 80 X 80 mm Aluminum/MS washer plate for load distribution Anchor bolt (MS) hanging bolt with 40 mm washer 2.0 mm thickness Sealing to panel MS road Clamp with an insulated crown.
10 Closed cell content 90 to 95%
11 Vapour Permeability 5.5mg/PASM
12 Water Absorption Less than 2%
13 Fire Resistance FR Grade (Fire Resistance Grade)
14 Compressive Strength at 10% Deformation 0.21 N/ sq.mm (For PUF only)
15 Tensile Strength 0.58 N/ sq.mm (For PUF only)
16 Bending Strength 10mm (For PUF only)
17 Adhesive Strength (Foam to Sheet) 2.9 kg /sq.mtr
18 Dimension Stability Less than 2%
19 Panel Facing Availability With Rib or plain on Demand (Ribs are provided for more strength)
20 Wall & Ceiling Panel Facing Material Pre Painted Galvanized sheet, Thickness 0.5 mm Plain Galvanized sheet, Thickness 0.55mm S.S.Sheet, Grade 316, 0.50mm, finish 2B, mates. S.S.Sheet, Grade 304, 0.50mm, finish 2B, mates.
21 Floor Panel Facing Material Puf panel with both side GIPP sheet of 0.5 mm with Plywood with 2.00mm thickness Aluminum Checkered Plate.
22 Fire Grade of Polyurethane foam B2 B1
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