Sliding Cold Storage Door

 Sliding Cold Storage Door

As a specialist in designing and manufacturing of cold storage systems, Howcool recommends the installation of sliding cold storage doors for excellent insulation and sealing effects.

Category: single open, double open
Operating system: manual, automatic
Width: 1000-2200mm
Height: 2000-3100mm
Material: Polyurethane, color steel plate, embossed aluminum sheet, stainless steel hardware
Thickness: 120mm
Type: Fully automatic

Technical parameters
Adaptable temperature -35-+40°C
Core material: PU density 40-43kg/m3
Heat conductivity 0.024w/m·k
PU thickness 50mm,60mm,75mm,100mm,150mm
Available width 500-2500mm
Available length 1800-3000mm

Other sizes can be custom-tailored.

About sliding cold room door
Type: Sliding door can used as a manual sliding door and automatic sliding door.
Material: Our sliding door can be made of different materials and at different sizes according to customer requirements.
Door board material: With special pressing technology, the core material is polyurethane.
Door frame: Color steel or stainless steel, and pre-embeded electric heating cable in frame.
Surface material: Color steel or stainless steel, the surface is covered with a protecting film. Other surface materials are also available.

(1) Cold room door can be customized
(2) Embedded rubber seal strip is easy to assemble and replace
(3) Imported lock
(4) Electric heating wire around doorframe to avoid freezing
(5) Safety doorknob inside
(6) Positive plastic seal fixed to door to avoid cooling air loss

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