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Suifenhe Ku Yang Cool Cold Chain Co., Ltd. Logistics cold storage

Ku Yang cold storage is a large-scale cold chain logistics base built to help supply Russia with seafood. Ku Yang provides rapid cooling, pre-cooling, and refrigerated transportation of many goods.

Ku Yang cold storage is divided into two areas. The lower area is 3000 square meters and two of the largest cold storage areas can store 400 tons of goods respectively. The upper area includes a 1600-square-meter Russian product display and a frozen food section. With a total investment of 50 million yuan, the cold storage facility was completed in July 2015 and put into operation.

Customer requirements: The facility is to be used not only for cold storage, but to facilitate a fully functional and efficient cold chain system.

Haocool's solution: Haocool designed an integrated cold chain logistics system with a full scale cold storage facility. The entire system was installed successfully.