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Over 40,000-cubic-meter Nestle storage base

The cold storage project for Nestle involves a large cooling warehouse. The construction area is about 4,050 square meters, and the entire project is 44,550 cubic meters. The cold storage unit is equipped with a double-sided rock wool color plate, and the warehouse temperature is kept between 15 to 22 degrees. The base is equipped with Hanzhong machine units, and water jet cutting is prepared for use. The project was completed in June 2013.

Customer issues: the original cold storage insulation was ineffective.

Haocool's solution: The original warehouse had a poor cooling layout with a roof daylight opening and other improper insulation effects. While installing fire safety effects, we took great measures to increase the effectiveness of the warehouse. With a height of 11 meters and a width of 80 meters, the warehouse roof was unable to bear the load of the additional components we needed to install. using supports that doubled as shelving, we were able to improve the roof quality and install a long-distance blower to meet the customer's needs.