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57000-cubic-meter Cold Storage for Xinhu Zhongbao Co., Ltd.

Haocool undertook the project of Xinhu Zhongbao closed cold storage platform. With a total construction area of 57, 000 square meters. The cold storage contains high temperature cold storage, low temperature cold storage, low temperature quick freezing storage. No. 1 cold storage has been completed and the frozen storage capacity is 15,000 tons. It is suitable for storing food, agricultural byproducts, aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables, dry food, dairy products and so on. With a net area of 7500 square meters, No. 1 cold storage provides services of entire tenancy, retail tenancy and full package.

  • Completed cold storage
  • Cold storage empty space
  • Cold storage empty space
  • Transport of items in the cold storage