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About Us
  • Company Introduction

    Hao Shuang Refrigeration Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a cold storage project contractor with years of high demand refrigeration experience. Hao Shuang specializes in projects with budgets under 40 million yuan and the following fields: biopharmaceuticals, food production/storage, cold chain logistics, scientific research, and chemical processing. Cold storage is designed for fresh food storage, agricultural cultivation and preservation, poultry processing, and many other applications.

    According to diverse client's requirements, we will formulate a project plan and quote so that you can compare similar equipment. After that, we complete professional installation by our engineers and after-sales services to ensure the machinery meets all of your needs.

  • Company History

    · Hao Shuang designed and constructed kiwi controlled atmosphere cold storage project for customers.

    · Hao Shuang Urumqi branch was established.

    · Hao Shuang built an 8000-cubic-meter fruit and vegetable cold storage unit with a service life of 20-30 years. Top features include rapid cooling, pre-cooling, packaging, and refrigeration.

    · Hao Shuang completed the project of renovating and transforming a 3500-cubic-meter warehouse into a fully functional cold storage unit.

    · For a Mongolian customer, Hao Shuang undertook a cold storage project with a storage capacity of 1,500 tons to solve the preservation and storage problem of agricultural products.

  • Our Team

    Name: Li Yong
    Position: General Manager
    Experience: Began working in the refrigeration industry in 1996 and started working for Hao Shuang Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2008.
    Job description: Overall coordination of Hao Shuang's branches, planning and coordination of design, engineering, after-sales and other refrigeration chains
    Words: "Our reputation is built on the quality of our projects and individual products. We place great focus on fully understanding the needs of our customers to better serve them. When customers recognize quality, they will pay you back, not only with money but with trust. Our experience and knowledge of the market has given us an advantage that is incomparable. We have done much to prepare for cooperation with customers and partners in order to expand the cold storage market. We have established strategic cooperative relationships with Haier Biological, Haier Carrier, Aowei, Johnson Controls, York and many others as we firmly believe that the future is bright." -Li Yong

  • Cold Storage Design and Construction

    Cold storage project planning
    After fully understanding the customers’ purpose of the project, Hao Shuang’s business staffs communicate with customers and guide them to plan cold storage projects in order to provide reasonable and market competitive programs. The construction is designed to meet the needs of users and investors.
    Design department carries out a long-term accumulation of electronic drawings, models and design programs. The accumulated design experience covers most categories of refrigeration industry, so it has become standardized and efficient to inherit and accumulate design experience. It is the most important part in cold storage project design to fully understand the needs of investors.

  • Services

    After-sales services

    · Warranty period of refrigeration equipment is 12 months after the acceptance of equipment. During the warranty period, any product quality problems will be solved by our free service.
    · Warranty period: 12 months after acceptance.
    · Free technical guidance for installation and equipment commissioning.
    · We provide vulnerable parts with a lifetime discount price and help users overhaul units.
    · We help users train two technical operators. The training is free and food, places, transport costs are at themselves.
    · We provide users with the unit maintenance.