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Akasakatei New Logistics Center Cold Storage Project

Project description:
Shanghai Akasakatei Food & Beverage Investment Management Co., Ltd. Logistics Center cold storage project is designed and constructed by Haocool. The cold storage project includes three phases with a total area of 1400 square meters. The temperature of cold storage includes -60℃, -35℃, -18℃, 0℃, 15℃. According to customer's different requirements, Haocool issues a detailed design. Storage of tuna is required to be -60 ℃, an area of 36 square meters, 600mm stainless steel polyurethane plates and Bitzer laminator and other imported equipment. The project has been completed and the cold storage has been put into use. It is accepted by customers.

  • Interior scene of cold storage
  • Interior scene of cold storage
  • Detection of controlling instrument