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Catering Cold Room
  • Akasakatei Cold Storage

    Project description:
    Shanghai Akasakatei Food & Beverage Investment Management Co., Ltd. Logistics Center cold storage project is designed and constructed by Hao Shuang. The cold storage project includes three phases with a total area of 1400 square meters. The temperature of cold storage includes -60℃, -35℃, -18℃, 0℃, 15℃. According to customer's different requirements, Hao Shuang issues a detailed design. Storage of tuna is required to be -60 ℃, an area of 36 square meters, 600mm stainless steel polyurethane plates and Bitzer laminator and other imported equipment. The project has been completed and the cold storage has been put into use. It is accepted by customers.

  • Cold Room for Doulao Food

    Project description:
    The large-scale food cold room is constructed for Hangzhou Doulao's Xiaoshan food factory. The cold storage temperature includes -30 Celsius degrees frozen, -20 Celsius degrees low-temperature refrigeration, 5 Celsius degrees refrigeration, 10 Celsius degrees refrigeration. The project uses polyurethane double-sided color plate to keep insulation, Bitzer parallel unit, unilateral and bilateral chillers, manual sliding door and electric roller shutter door.

  • Xiyongji Food Cold Storage

    Project description:
    The cold storage construction site is located in Pudong New District, Shanghai. The cold storage's volume is 1500 cubic meters, and it is divided into 9 rooms according to customer's demand. The separated 9 rooms include freezer, cold storage and cooling room. The main refrigeration equipment are asked to use all well-known brands, such as the Theodoor air curtain machine, Emerson Copeland compressor, Hao Shuang cooler and the cold storage selects polyurethane insulation board.

    With the one-stop central storage function from the cold food processing to semi-finished food cold storage, the cold storage project is divided into 0-5 Celsius degrees, -18 Celsius degrees and -30 Celsius degrees.

  • Shanghai World Expo Hall cold storage

    Project description:
    Hao Shuang constructed a cold storage section for the World Expo Hong Kong Museum, and the Austrian National Museum.

    There were safety concerns with the original refrigeration system. 4,000 tons of large cold storage equipment was installed over 54 days and was finally completed and put into use in early March 2015.