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Cold Storage Warehouse
  • Yamada (China) Cold Storage

    In December of 2009, Hao Shuang and Yamaduo signed on for a design project of a large-scale logistics cold storage facility. The 1600-cubic-meter unit was produced in strict accordance with the technical requirements provided by the customer. The entire cold room is equipped with a Copeland (United States) refrigeration compressor unit, and the walls use polyurethane double-sided color plate 100MM and 150MM insulation layers.

  • Ku Yang Cold Storage

    Ku Yang cold storage is a large-scale cold chain logistics base built to help supply Russia with seafood. Ku Yang provides rapid cooling, pre-cooling, and refrigerated transportation of many goods.

    Ku Yang cold storage is divided into two areas. The lower area is 3000 square meters and two of the largest cold storage areas can store 400 tons of goods respectively. The upper area includes a 1600-square-meter Russian product display and a frozen food section. With a total investment of 50 million yuan, the cold storage facility was completed in July 2015 and put into operation.

  • ABC Business Cold Storage

    At the beginning of the new year, another batch of cold storage equipment is exported to New Zealand. This is the second time that Hao Shuang's products are exported to New Zealand. The exported cold storage is customized. The materials and equipment are prepared and designed according to customer's needs. All the goods were shipped out yesterday. Our cold storage products get recognition in New Zealand..

    In recent years, Hao Shuang takes more efforts to manage the company and actively explores foreign markets, providing quality products for foreign customers.

  • Nestle Storage Base

    Customer issues: the original cold storage insulation was ineffective.

    Hao Shuang's solution: The original warehouse had a poor cooling layout with a roof daylight opening and other improper insulation effects. While installing fire safety effects, we took great measures to increase the effectiveness of the warehouse. With a height of 11 meters and a width of 80 meters, the warehouse roof was unable to bear the load of the additional components we needed to install. using supports that doubled as shelving, we were able to improve the roof quality and install a long-distance blower to meet the customer's needs.

  • Da Tian Logistics Cold Storage

    Hao Shuang constructed a large, cool warehouse for Da Tian logistics. The warehouse required 25 degrees and 20 degrees sections and the sizes are respectively 45 * 43 * 6 m and 19.8 * 13.6 * 6m. The project was sprayed with polyurethane material to maintain insulation effects. It also employed Bitzer2 parallel compressor units, and the cooling fan utilizes a lengthening ventilator.

  • Low Temperature Cold Storage

    The temperature of this particular logistics cold storage unit is held at -20 degrees and the height is 5 meters. The cold storage system is divided into four: two with chillers and two with aluminum tubes. The different sections can meet varying storage requirements of low-temperature cargo.

  • Xinhu Zhongbao Cold Storage

    Hao Shuang undertook the project of Xinhu Zhongbao closed cold storage platform. With a total construction area of 57, 000 square meters. The cold storage contains high temperature cold storage, low temperature cold storage, low temperature quick freezing storage. No. 1 cold storage has been completed and the frozen storage capacity is 15,000 tons. It is suitable for storing food, agricultural byproducts, aquatic products, meat, fruits and vegetables, dry food, dairy products and so on. With a net area of 7500 square meters, No. 1 cold storage provides services of entire tenancy, retail tenancy and full package.