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Controlled atmosphere cold storage for Da Mei fruit cultivation agricultural cooperatives (Guizhou Province, China)

Project Name: Construction and installation of pitaya packaged cold storage

Period: 20 days.

Size: The project is 2324-cubic-meter fresh storage with a size of about 57.6m*11.52m*3.5m. It is about 664 square meters. Completed in August 2016, the project has received one-time acceptance.

The controlled atmosphere cold room was divided into eight rooms: 2 pre-cold storages, 4 controlled atmosphere storages and 2 ordinary cold rooms. The temperature range of the cold storage is -5 ℃ ~ 15 ℃. The cold storage uses an imported Copeland compressor unit and flame-retardant polyurethane double-sided color steel storage board. Refrigeration equipment, lighting systems and electrical machinery meet the required cold storage standards.

Cold storage construction

  • Controlled atmosphere cold storage for storing pitaya
  • Controlled atmosphere cold storage door
  • Controlled atmosphere cold storage door