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Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage Construction Solution

Controlled atmosphere cold storage, also known as air conditioned storehouse, is a method of fruit and vegetable preservation.

In the appropriate low temperature conditions, controlled atmosphere storage creates the best storage conditions for fruits and vegetables by adjusting the gas composition and relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration of the storage environment.

The effect of controlled atmosphere storage lies in the following aspects: low oxygen storage (the general oxygen content is l % -5%) and the appropriate concentration of carbon dioxide effectively inhibit the respiration of the fruits and vegetables, reducing the loss of nutrients. The low oxygen and proper carbon dioxide concentration also inhibits the breeding of pathogens to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases. The controlled atmosphere storage also increases the relative humidity in the storage environment to reduce the transpiration of fruits and vegetables, achieving long-term preservation.

Compared with ordinary cold storages, controlled atmosphere storage usually extends the fruits and vegetables storage period by 0.5-1 times. After being taken out of the controlled atmosphere storage, fruits and vegetables maintain a "lag effect" or dormant period for an extended length of time. The shelf time of the fruits and vegetables can be extended 21 to 28 days, and it is 3 to 4 times as long as ordinary cold storage.

Haocool cold storage project case:

Characteristics of fruits and vegetables after the controlled atmosphere storage
1. Original shape, color, flavor of the fruits and vegetables are maintained
2. Higher fruit firmness than those in ordinary cold storage
3. Prolonged storage time
4. Low fruit decay rate, low natural loss rate (water loss rate)
5. Extended shelf life: As fruits and vegetables are affected by low oxygen and high carbon dioxide, when taken out of the controlled atmosphere cold storage, the fruits and vegetables still maintain a "lag effect" or dormant period for a length of time.
6. Suitable for long-distance transport and export: The improved quality of fruits and vegetables create ideal conditions for the export and sale.
7. Many fruits and vegetables achieve an extended annual suply