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Dual Temperature Cold Storage Construction Solution

Dual temperature cold storage is widely used in restaurants, food production facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing and many other similar fields. Dual temperature cold storage is also used in storing fruits and vegetables and refrigeration in vegetable processing flower preservation, tea preservation processing, seed storage, mushroom cultivation, etc.

Double temperature cold storage construction refers to a set of cold storage units which are divided into two separate rooms with different temperatures divided by a partition. The separate rooms feature two sets of cold storage doors. According to the food being stored, we set different temperatures to achieve preservation and refrigeration.

The temperature control system independently displays and controls the different temperatures of each room. When the temperature of one room reaches the setting requirements of the control system, it will shut down the refrigeration function until the other room’s temperature has reached the requirements.

According to your specifications, we can provide a comprehensive and fully customizable cold storage plan using this equipment.

Completed cold storage project case:

1. Unit: A centralized refrigeration unit is used to supply cooling. The unit is selected from imported original refrigeration units. The main components of the cold storage are selected from well-known domestic and foreign brands.
2. Evaporator: ceiling evaporator.
3. Control system: We use a microcomputer control system and control methods. Cold storage temperature, boot time, defrosting time, fan delay time, alarm instructions and the technical parameters are shown on the liquid crystal display. The control system is easy to operate.
4. Cold Storage board: double-sided color steel polyurethane cold storage board covers a small area and has excellent insulation performance. The thickness of the cold storage board is generally 100mm, 150mm, 200mm. Double-sided polyurethane insulation materials are coated with steel plate and color steel plate is processed into a stealth slot. Polyurethane is the best choice for cold storage insulation board.