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Food Cold Room
  • Large-scale Cold Storage Project

    The cold storage unit of the Chengdu Global Exhibition Distribution Center is 10,302 cubic meters and features two layers. The first layer of the -5 ~ 10 ℃ cold storage system covers about 2,525 cubic meters. Its -18℃ deep freezer is 215 cubic meters. The 20~25℃ cooler is 1,392 cubic meters. The areas using media fan coils cover about 1280 cubic meters. The second layer of the -5~5℃ unit is 425.6 cubic meters. The 20~25℃ section is 1770 cubic meters; -18℃ is about 2352 cubic meters and -35℃ is about 246.5cubic meters. The project was completed in September 2013 and did pass nspection prior to being put into operation.

    Customer requirements: dishes in the cold storage need to be cooled from 90 ℃ to 5-10 ℃.

  • Large Food Cold Storage

    The size of the Shanghai HeYu commercial cold storage project is 45,000 cubic meters. The cold storage unit is divided into two layers. The first layer is about 2884 square meters, and the cold storage section is divided into seven rooms. The second floor of the cooler is about 5242 square meters, and is divided into 11 rooms. There are 0-8 degrees of high temperature refrigeration and -18 degrees of low temperature refrigeration in the unit. The refrigeration system uses fluorine system barrels evaporative cold liquid supply principle, the principle has the advantage of low energy consumption and high performance. As there are separable compartments in the unit, we specifically selected the Yantai ice barrel pump unit for maximum effectiveness.

  • Coca-Cola Project

    We have constructed sets of cold storage units for raw materials in the Coca-Cola Wuhan and Beijing branches. The cold storage system uses a German Bitzer's semi-closed piston air-cooled unit and evaporator. The whole system uses PLC control, including temperature and humidity monitoring, and error alerts.

  • Dry fruit cold room project

    This project is 22.5 meters long, 21.5 meters wide, and 5.9 meters high, with a total area of about 2560 cubic meters. The temperature range is 0 ℃ -5 ℃.

    Duration: 45 days

    Results: All of the components were successfully installed and meet all relevant cold storage standards. The project was completed on time and passed inspection prior to going goint into operation.

  • Socalait (France) Ice Cream Cold Storage Project

    Hao Shuang refrigeration engineering team went to New Caledonia, France for technical and installation cooperation with local technicians and constructors. They have built three cold storages for the storing ice cream.

  • GANSO Cold Storage

    Hao Shuang builds low-temperature and medium-temperature frozen cold storage for GANSO food factory in Wuhan. The cold storage temperature is 0 Celsius degree, -18 Celsius degrees and -30 Celsius degrees. The cold storage is 1000 cubic meters.