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Company History

Haocool designed and constructed kiwi controlled atmosphere cold storage project for customers.

Haocool Urumqi branch was established.

Haocool built an 8000-cubic-meter fruit and vegetable cold storage unit with a service life of 20-30 years. Top features include rapid cooling, pre-cooling, packaging, and refrigeration.

Haocool completed the project of renovating and transforming a 3500-cubic-meter warehouse into a fully functional cold storage unit.

For a Mongolian customer, Haocool undertook a cold storage project with a storage capacity of 1,500 tons to solve the preservation and storage problem of agricultural products.

For a third party logistics company, Haocool built a low-temperature cold storage system within their transportation port. With a full storage capacity of 3,000 tons, the cold storage unit uses an environmentally-friendly fluorine refrigeration system.

Haocool took on a new project of a controlled atmosphere cold storage unit with a storage capacity of 2000 tons.

Haocool undertook the construction of a ten-thousand-ton cold storage system. The facility covers an area of about 5,000 square meters with a height of 7 meters.

Haocool renovated and transformed a 20,000-cubic-meter warehouse into a pharmaceutical cold room.

In Uzbekistan, Haocool completed the construction of 14 cold storage units, and the temperature range includes low-temperature storage, quick-frozen, fresh storage, etc.

Haocool spent 45 days completing a low-temperature cold storage facility with a storage capacity of 5,000 tons.

Haocool took on the construction of a 1,500-ton cold storage project, providing refrigeration equipment, insulation materials, automated shelves, trays, electronic control and other derivative services.

Within a month, Haocool built a cold storage unit for a global top 500 beverage plant to store raw materials and finished products. The project passed inspection and was immediately put into operation.