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Design and Installation of Explosion-proof Cold Storage for Henkel Chemical

A 1000-cubic-meter explosion-proof cold storage facitly was constructed for Henkel Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The temperature ranges of the cold storage segments are 0-5 ℃ and 15-20 ℃. The cold storage unit uses two Bitzer 20 HP compressors units to drive two air cooled chillers. One is the main compressor and the other is a backup unit. The cool warehouse is equipped with four Daikin 5 HP air-conditioning duct units, three are main units and one is for backup. The cold storage uses FM-certified B1 polyurethane flame retardant double-sided color plate. According to the cold storage temperature requirements, we use 100mm thick double-sided 0.6 Baosteel color plate. In addition to the cold storage temperature control system, we furnish independent temperature monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring of cold storage temperature. Areas within 15 meters range of Class A warehouse in the cold storage are within explosion-proof danger zone areas.

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