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Large food cold storage

The size of the Shanghai HeYu commercial cold storage project is 45,000 cubic meters. The cold storage unit is divided into two layers. The first layer is about 2884 square meters, and the cold storage section is divided into seven rooms. The second floor of the cooler is about 5242 square meters, and is divided into 11 rooms. There are 0-8 degrees of high temperature refrigeration and -18 degrees of low temperature refrigeration in the unit. The refrigeration system uses fluorine system barrels evaporative cold liquid supply principle, the principle has the advantage of low energy consumption and high performance. As there are separable compartments in the unit, we specifically selected the Yantai ice barrel pump unit for maximum effectiveness.

Problem and solution: Such a large facility requires a significant amount of power and equipment. We solved problems associated with this by using a compact power unit and a fluorine pump forced liquid solution to keep everything cool in the most efficient manner. We also used a parallel connection circuit to save power and improve management. Peak electricity consumption in the summer is only 0.1 yuan/cubic meter.