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Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Construction Solution

For new enterprises within the pharmaceutical industry, our company's main businesses are construction, installation and design of pharmaceutical cold storage. The construction of pharmaceutical cold storage units make contributions to enterprises with GSP and GMP certification.

The medical cold storage we construct for pharmaceutical production enterprises is efficient, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and highly flame-retardant. Medical cold storage allows users to minimize product loss and costs.

Medical cold storage temperature range (℃):
Vaccine library: 0 * 8 can be used to store vaccines, drugs, and so on.
Drug cold storage: 2 * 8 for the storage of drugs and biological products.
Blood storage: 5 * 1 can be used to store blood, drugs, biological products and so on.
Low temperature insulation library: -20 * -30 preservation of plasma, biological materials, vaccines, reagents and so on.
Ultra-low temperature storage: -30 * -80 can be used to preserve placenta, semen, stem cells, plasma, bone marrow, biological samples, etc.
According to your specific requests we can provide customized solutions for any cold storage project you may need.

Sizes of the cold storage panel
We offer a standardized cold storage panel with a width of 100 mm and a height of 2 m to 10 m. There are different standards of thickness: 60, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm.
The thickness of the panel is generally 100mm. The double sides of the panel are coated with steel plate, and color steel plate is processed into a stealth slot. The cold storage panel features light weight, high strength, good insulation properties, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and is installed with minimal effort. The insulation material of the cold storage panel is foam molded from lightweigh polyurethane, one of the most highly effective insulation materials.

Electronic control part
The switch to the control of the main compressor and auxiliary compressor is performed automatically. The digital display shows the storage temperature. The control system has functions of automatic monitoring, control, display and temperature limit alarm. The control component uses a temperature and humidity recorder to monitor the environment within the system. Authorized users can be equipped with ultra-low temperature SMS automatic alert system.

Refrigeration section
The refrigeration section depends mainly on the cold storage compressor and evaporator. Generally, small cold storage units use hermetic fluorine refrigeration compressors due to their low power, cheap price, steady operation, low energy consumption and low failure rate. Hermetic fluorine refrigeration compressors are the preferred cold storage cooling unit within the industry.