Other Projects

The construction of ultra-low temperature cold storage for AUO was completed on April 15, 2010. The material of the cold storage insulation layer is 150mm polyurethane double-sided color plate. We use German Bitzer refrigeration units and international brands of electronic control accessories and refrigeration unit accessories to ensure quality and durability. The temperature of the cold storage is designed to reach as low as -40 Celsius degrees.

Explosion-proof cold storage for Fujian Southeast Chemical Co., Ltd.
Southeast Electric's explosion-proof cold storage was built by Haocool refrigeration Shanghai Corporation. The explosion-proof cold room uses integrated explosion-proof technology, which is IICT4 explosion-proof grade.

4000-cubic-meter low temperature cold storage for Shanghai Changjiang welding electrode factory
The location of this 4000-cubic-meter low temperature cold storage project is in Qilianshan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai. The temperature is designed to reach as low as -18 degrees. The cold storage is divided into three sections: two refrigerating chambers and a pre-cooling. Room.