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Haocool Refrigeration Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialist in cold storage design and engineering. With more than 10 years’ of invaluable experience, Haocool focuses on cold storage construction projects with the cost of less than 40 million yuan in the following fields: (excluding construction and other areas) biological pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cold chain logistics industry, scientific research institutions, chemical industry, catering chain industry, fresh food business, etc. Our cold storage solutions are also suitable for production and storage, agricultural cultivation and storage, poultry processing and so on. Conforming to your exact requirements, we will synthesize a project plan, design, supply price quotations of different brands’ equipment, engineering installation and after-sales service, etc. to provide you with the best project, so you will fund the project that ideally suits your needs.

Haocool does not simply offer the design and marketing of cold storage; we also provide customers with recommendations for choosing the optimum combination of products, a full program design, procurement, installation, commissioning and integrated turnkey project services.

  • Pharmaceutical Cold Room

    Project overview:
    The construction of Ningbo Yingte logistics medical cold storage is in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. Starting in September 2013, the project uses double-sided polyurethane color plate, Emerson Copeland refrigeration units and D-type air-cooled chiller series. The medical cold storage is divided into 8 separate rooms, including two buffer rooms of 12-15 Celsius degrees, fours cold storages of 2-8 Celsius degrees and two cold storages of -15 Celsius degrees. There is an electric sliding door and an electric lifting door respectively. The cold storage is equipped with temperature and humidity SMS automatic alarm, remote control, real-time data monitoring and history record function. The engineering is inspected and accepted in November. It is highly recognized by customer and is now in use.

  • Cold Storage Warehouse

    In December of 2009, Hao Shuang and Yamaduo signed on for a design project of a large-scale logistics cold storage facility. The 1600-cubic-meter unit was produced in strict accordance with the technical requirements provided by the customer. The entire cold room is equipped with a Copeland (United States) refrigeration compressor unit, and the walls use polyurethane double-sided color plate 100MM and 150MM insulation layers.

  • Food Cold Room

    The cold storage unit of the Chengdu Global Exhibition Distribution Center is 10,302 cubic meters and features two layers. The first layer of the -5 ~ 10 ℃ cold storage system covers about 2,525 cubic meters. Its -18℃ deep freezer is 215 cubic meters. The 20~25℃ cooler is 1,392 cubic meters. The areas using media fan coils cover about 1280 cubic meters. The second layer of the -5~5℃ unit is 425.6 cubic meters. The 20~25℃ section is 1770 cubic meters; -18℃ is about 2352 cubic meters and -35℃ is about 246.5cubic meters. The project was completed in September 2013 and did pass nspection prior to being put into operation.

  • Catering Cold Room

    Project description:
    Shanghai Akasakatei Food & Beverage Investment Management Co., Ltd. Logistics Center cold storage project is designed and constructed by Hao Shuang. The cold storage project includes three phases with a total area of 1400 square meters. The temperature of cold storage includes -60℃, -35℃, -18℃, 0℃, 15℃. According to customer's different requirements, Hao Shuang issues a detailed design. Storage of tuna is required to be -60 ℃, an area of 36 square meters, 600mm stainless steel polyurethane plates and Bitzer laminator and other imported equipment. The project has been completed and the cold storage has been put into use. It is accepted by customers.

  • Scientific Supplies Cold Room

    Cold storage temperature: -25 ℃ ± 2

    Cold storage location: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. Latitude 30 degrees; longitude 123 degrees east. Summer outdoor dry-bulb temperature; ventilation 32 ℃.

    Cooling conditions: condensation temperature +50 ℃

    Evaporation temperature: low temperature cold room -35 degrees Celsius.

  • Controlled Atmosphere Cold Room

    This controlled atmosphere cold room project was undertaken by Hao Shuang refrigeration Hangzhou branch. The cold storage has two air-conditioned cold rooms with a volume of 600 cubic meters and a refrigeration room with a volume of 300 cubic meters. The total project scale is 1000 cubic meters. Cold storage temperature is 0 ℃ -5 ℃. The unit is furnished with polyurethane double-sided color steel cold storage board (density 0.5, thickness 150mm). Included is a United States manufactured Copeland fully enclosed Emerson unit, Hao Shuang air cooled chillers, Hao Shuang cold storage control box, LED high temperature and low temperature moisture-proof special lights for cold storage, temperature and humidity recorder, and a comprehensive air conditioning control system.

  • Quick Freezing Cold Room

    Cold storage type: frozen / refrigeration -20 / 0 ℃, 0-5 ℃

    Time node: From October 8, 2014 to October 26, 2014
    Cold storage is required for refrigeration as well as quick freezing. The temperature of the quick freezing section quickly drops to -20 ℃ to ensure the ingredients retain nutritional value and taste. The feedback from the customer has been very good.

  • Industrial Cold Storage Room

    A 1000-cubic-meter explosion-proof cold storage facitly was constructed for Henkel Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The temperature ranges of the cold storage segments are 0-5 ℃ and 15-20 ℃. The cold storage unit uses two Bitzer 20 HP compressors units to drive two air cooled chillers. One is the main compressor and the other is a backup unit. The cool warehouse is equipped with four Daikin 5 HP air-conditioning duct units, three are main units and one is for backup. The cold storage uses FM-certified B1 polyurethane flame retardant double-sided color plate. According to the cold storage temperature requirements, we use 100mm thick double-sided 0.6 Baosteel color plate. In addition to the cold storage temperature control system, we furnish independent temperature monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring of cold storage temperature. Areas within 15 meters range of Class A warehouse in the cold storage are within explosion-proof danger zone areas.