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Quick Freezing Cold Room
  • Quick Freezing Cold Room for Agan Fresh Vegetables

    Cold storage type: frozen / refrigeration -20 / 0 ℃, 0-5 ℃

    Time node: From October 8, 2014 to October 26, 2014
    Cold storage is required for refrigeration as well as quick freezing. The temperature of the quick freezing section quickly drops to -20 ℃ to ensure the ingredients retain nutritional value and taste. The feedback from the customer has been very good.

  • Zhejiang Changyu Quick Freezing Cold Room

    The low temperature quick-frozen cold storage is used for the processing tea concentrate. PLC is used to achieve fully automatic control of the cold storage unit and improve convenience. The temperature can reach -45 ℃ (ultra-low temperature cold storage).

  • Ningbo Zhenhai Lv'an Quick Freezing Cold Storage

    The quick freezing cold storage project for Ningbo Zhenhai Lv'an was constructed by the Hao Shuang refrigeration Hangzhou Branch. The cold storage is divided into different types: 0-5 ℃ cold storage, refrigeration (No.5-No.10 cold room), frozen cold storage (No.2-No.4 cold room) and quick-frozen cold storage (No.1 cold room). Mainly used for storing seafood, vegetables, fruits, eggs and dairy products, the cold storage system is highly effective. As a part of the government's "Vegetable Basket" project, the cold storage size of the Zhenhai Lv'an farm distribution is 3500 cubic meters.

  • Shanghai Pangu Quick-frozen Cold Storage (second phase)

    The quick-frozen cold storage project of Shanghai Pangu Food Co., Ltd. was undertaken by Hao Shuang refrigeration Shanghai branch. The quick-frozen cold storage is used for rapid freeze preservation of barbecue food products.