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Scientific Supplies Cold Room
  • Tongji Environmental Research Institute Cold Room

    Cold storage temperature: -25 ℃ ± 2

    Cold storage location: Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. Latitude 30 degrees; longitude 123 degrees east. Summer outdoor dry-bulb temperature; ventilation 32 ℃.

    Cooling conditions: condensation temperature +50 ℃

    Evaporation temperature: low temperature cold room -35 degrees Celsius.

  • Antibody Drugs National Engineering Research Center Cold Room

    The low-temperature cold storage project was completed in May 2011 and received full approval. The cold storage temperature can reach as low as -26 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference is accurate to within 0.2 Celsius degrees. The unit is equipped with a Dalian Sanyo compressor, Sanyo air cooled chillers and Danfoss refrigeration self-controlled components. Polyurethane double-sided stainless steel storage boards have been installed.

  • Oceanic Administration Second Institute of Oceanography Cold Room

    1. The warehouse insulation materials and cold storage doors are made of polyurethane single 0.8mm 304 stainless steel plate. They are corrosion resistive, anti-aging, fire-retardant, attenuated, beautiful and strong. They have a long service life, fast cooling and many other advantages.

    2. The refrigeration compressor, air cooled chillers, expansion valves, circuit control box and the complete sets of the system use Mitsubishi components. With high efficiency and stable performance, each cold storage refrigeration system is equipped with a main and a backup system. Any failure of the main unit or chiller will not affect the normal cooling of the cold storage unit. The refrigeration units have protection against overloading, overheating, fuel cutoff, overvoltage, undervoltage, and pressure excessive pressure buildup.

  • Shanghai Huaxin Cold Room

    Construction period: 40 days.

    Cold storage temperature: 3-7 ℃, the minimum temperature shall not be less than 2 ℃, the maximum temperature shall not be higher than 8 ℃