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1. Free cold storage construction offer
We need you to provide date:
(1) Application of cold storage;
(2) Area / volume of cold storage (length, width and height);
(3) Whether the cold storage external walls are completed;
(4) Operating temperature of cold storage (Celsius degree );
2. Free cold storage design and design drawings
3. Free on-site measurement of cold storage area;

After-sales services

Warranty period of refrigeration equipment is 12 months after the acceptance of equipment. During the warranty period, any product quality problems will be solved by our free service.
Warranty period: 12 months after acceptance.
Free technical guidance for installation and equipment commissioning.
We provide vulnerable parts with a lifetime discount price and help users overhaul units.
We help users train two technical operators. The training is free and food, places, transport costs are at themselves.
We provide users with the unit maintenance.

Value-added services
Technical personnel hold on-site training when debugging the equipment, so users can operate the equipment independently.
After-sales service staff hold regular or irregular return visit supplemented by "greeting service" to ensure the smooth operation of service systems.
We provide users with free consulting advice on professional skills and equipment.

Service support
The company sets up after-sales service center and opens 24 hours repair service. On receiving a repair phone, the local maintenance staff will arrive at the scene within 3 to 5. For out-of-city areas, maintenance staff will arrive at the scene within 48 hours. General failure of the equipment will be resolved within 24 hours, and major failure will be resolved within 3 days.
Customer-oriented, Haocool staffs devote themselves to studying the professional knowledge and at the same time, continuing to strengthen and improve after-sales services to eliminate customers' concerns about the after-sales service.
Haocool's staff aims at build a good cold storage so that customers are assured to use it. Haocool will continue to put customers first, and constantly improve technology and after-sales service for more customers in different industries with refrigeration needs.

1. Pre-sale service, 2. Free cold storage design, 3. Both sides confirm construction program, 4. Sign the contract, 5. Equipment entering construction site, 6. Start construction, 7. Acceptance after construction, 8. After-sales service