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Name: Li Yong
Position: General Manager
Experience: Began working in the refrigeration industry in 1996 and started working for Haocool Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2008.
Job description: Overall coordination of Haocool's branches, planning and coordination of design, engineering, after-sales and other refrigeration chains
Words: "Our reputation is built on the quality of our projects and individual products. We place great focus on fully understanding the needs of our customers to better serve them. When customers recognize quality, they will pay you back, not only with money but with trust. Our experience and knowledge of the market has given us an advantage that is incomparable. We have done much to prepare for cooperation with customers and partners in order to expand the cold storage market. We have established strategic cooperative relationships with Haier Biological, Haier Carrier, Aowei, Johnson Controls, York and many others as we firmly believe that the future is bright." -Li Yong

Name: Chen Hua
Position: Deputy General Manager
Certificate: Associate Constructor
Experience: 10 years
Project Case: Participating in more than 100 project cases, such as Lu Kang pharmaceutical cold storage, Shen Wei Pharmaceutical cold storage, Chengdu Global Center cold storage, etc.
Job description: Project design, budget, construction organization
Words: "Cold storage preserves food so that people can have fresh food to eat for longer periods of time and hygienic food that is good quality. Cold Storage also makes it convenient to store and transport medicine. Working in the refrigerator industry is a real social responsibility which I take very seriously. Though the industry standards are incomplete, we have our own production and quality standards to ensure the best quality of our products and projects. Practical design comes first. When we are purchasing raw materials, the factors of supplier product quality and cost should be taken into consideration. Construction and installation are performed with on-site quality assessment. " - by Chen Hua

Name: Wang Shuyou
Position: Chief Engineer
Experience: Has been working in the HVAC industry since 1960
Project Case: Responsible for the debugging of the fluorine forced liquid supply system in 2012. On February 23, 2014, the Shanghai Meilin Food Co., Ltd. ammonia system renovation project is completed, the installation and commissioning is successful and officially put into operation. This eliminated the Meilin refrigeration security risks and improved the overall refrigeration effects. Wang proved it is safe to convert the ammonia system to a fluorine system. Wang and other Haocool staff members worked together to retain the original refrigeration equipment, without affecting the normal operations of Merlin.Wuhan Baishazhou farm trade market cold storage and Nanyang Food Co., Ltd. cold drinks refrigeration package.
Words: "With the growing scale of our company's cold storage capabilities, I can participate in more and more new technology applications, such as CO2 refrigeration. I am willing to make a significant contribution to our company and society." - Wang Shuyou

Name: Fang Yi
Position: General Manager of Beijing branch
Experience: Joined Haocool in 2009
Job description: Daily management and operation of branch office, coordination and cooperation of business, engineering, design and other departments.
Words: "Haocool is an innovator in the cold storage industry. For every customer of Haocool, we will communicate with them in the case of temporary and many changes of the determined solution. Some people joke: that there are two kinds of customers that come to Haocool: one is introduced by former customers and the other is the type that has tried many companies and did not find a workable solution. It is like the example of buying clothes. Perhaps the need for a shirt or jacket is clear, but the specific style and color are not necessarily clear. Tailoring the product and service without knowing clearly about customers' needs, the final result probably turns out to be a failure. Knowing more and serving more, we aim to provide the most suitable and affordable products and services to customers to meet their needs and offer more service." - by Fang Yi

Name: Li Tao
Position: General Manager of Wuhan branch, General Manager of Chengdu branch
Experience: Joining in the refrigeration industry in 1996 and having worked in Haocool since 2008
Job description:
· Set up and lead the regional sales team to complete the regional sales performance indicators;
· Organize and manage work of various departments and work posts, and lead the staff to complete the objectives of the head office;
· Overall management of the daily operation of the branch office;
· Communication and coordination of foreign business (upstream suppliers, coordination between branches, industry contacts and other outreach work).
Words: "A successful engineering company needs not only to complete the project perfectly, but also to understand the customer's worries. 'One-stop' service helps to make customers more assured of choosing us. Haocool has gained recognition and accumulated glory from the past experiences. This glory is due to the efforts of Haocool staff and is inseparable from the customer's trust and support for us. We will provide customers with better quality of integrated services." - by Li Tao

Name: Shen Feiyang
Position: General Manager of Xi'an branch
Project Case: Shanghai Wang Xiangyuan Logistics Distribution Center, the United States Corning (Wujiang) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yan Ye International Logistics Company, Shanghai Entry and Exit Quarantine Center, Inner Mongolia Zhengyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.
Job description:
· Responsible for regional marketing. Set up and lead the regional sales team to complete the regional sales performance indicators;
· Plan marketing channels develop terminal sales outlets, maintain customer emotional relationship;
· Keep abreast of the changes of the same industry product market, regularly provide information of the regional market under the jurisdiction to the head office to offer reliable basis for the overall layout of the head office;
· Improve the internal organization structure of the branch, formulate work standard of each work post to define duties and authority;
· Regular financial analysis and supervision of financial management.
Words: "The cold storage project is not selling a simple electrical product. We are cold storage engineering integrators, and our products and service include design, equipment selection and in-site assembly. Thinking from the perspective of customers, we try to solve problems and meet customers' reasonable needs. Through years of efforts, our company has obtained some of the large-scale projects experience, qualification certificates and a complete after-sales system, which are keys to our success. There is great potentiality for the refrigeration market. I have a lot to do to achieve the diversified development of the company." - by Shen Feiyang

Name: Ye Congqing
Position: Project Leader
Experience: Mainly responsible for cold storage project follow-up in 2011; Engaged in project development follow-up and maintenance from 2013.
Project Case: During the infection of the bird flu in 2014, large-scale production and processing of poultry meat needed an effective solution. The problems of functional confusion, low operation efficiency, high failure rate and energy consumption of the old workshop were serious. In order to realize systemization and scale of low-temperature production and processing, while meeting the new industry standards and improving production efficiency and product quality, Ye Congqing studied the customer's original technology and production characteristics. He decided to dismantle the original part of the production workshop and set a new low-temperature slaughter and pre-cold workshop. He also established a complete cold chain system, including -35 ℃ poultry meat quick-frozen cold room, low-temperature meat freezer, low-temperature cold storage. The cold chain system is from slaughter to processing production, packaging, and logistics. After transformation, the processing and production system has achieved the low-temperature slaughter and sterilization of poultry, low-temperature packaging and other automatic operation. The cold chain system also realizes real-time temperature control through remote monitoring of the entire cold storage system.
Words: "I enjoy the sense of fulfillment the job brings to me and the interactions with colleagues and customers. I will not lose myself in the busy work or get tied up with the fast-paced work. Under pressure, I can efficiently control my working pace by finding a balance. I really enjoy the work, I provide customers with better service more effectively." - by Ye Congqing

Name: Cui Qiang
Position: Business Manager
Experience: 8 years
Project Case: Hebei Shenwei pharmaceutical explosion-proof cold storage, Shandong Lukang pharmaceutical, Henkel Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (all explosion-proof cold storage), Thermo Fisher Scientific (Subsidiary: Invitrogen) constant temperature, constant wet medicine cold storage, CITIC low-temperature library.
Job description: Discuss, contact and communicate with customers; generate internal strategy, coordinate resources, distribute work and supervise process, etc..
Words: "The strengths of the team and business are infinite. The achievements of our business department are due to the support of hardworking staff, technology and high-quality products. I can do little without them." - by Cui Qiang

Name: Zhang Bo
Position: Project Manager
Experience: 10 years
Job Description: Responsible for the quality of the project, construction progress, safety. Implementing the company's plans and objectives, leading the project construction and guarantee the quality objectives.
Words: "It is my primary work to monitor the progress of the project, find problems and solve them before inspection and acceptance. The projects must be pleasing to the eye, practical and durable. With the development of the company, we will undertake more large projects. This raises higher requirements for project leaders. " - by Zhang Bo