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Ningbo Yingte Logistics Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Project overview:
The construction of Ningbo Yingte logistics medical cold storage is in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. Starting in September 2013, the project uses double-sided polyurethane color plate, Emerson Copeland refrigeration units and D-type air-cooled chiller series. The medical cold storage is divided into 8 separate rooms, including two buffer rooms of 12-15 Celsius degrees, fours cold storages of 2-8 Celsius degrees and two cold storages of -15 Celsius degrees. There is an electric sliding door and an electric lifting door respectively. The cold storage is equipped with temperature and humidity SMS automatic alarm, remote control, real-time data monitoring and history record function. The engineering is inspected and accepted in November. It is highly recognized by customer and is now in use.