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Pharmaceutical Cold Room
  • Yingte Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

    Project overview:
    The construction of Ningbo Yingte logistics medical cold storage is in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. Starting in September 2013, the project uses double-sided polyurethane color plate, Emerson Copeland refrigeration units and D-type air-cooled chiller series. The medical cold storage is divided into 8 separate rooms, including two buffer rooms of 12-15 Celsius degrees, fours cold storages of 2-8 Celsius degrees and two cold storages of -15 Celsius degrees. There is an electric sliding door and an electric lifting door respectively. The cold storage is equipped with temperature and humidity SMS automatic alarm, remote control, real-time data monitoring and history record function. The engineering is inspected and accepted in November. It is highly recognized by customer and is now in use.

  • Oumeng Medical Cold Storage

    Project overview:
    From the cold storage design, equipment procurement to the installation, Hao Shuang undertook Beijing Oumeng biotechnology medical cold storage project. The pharmaceutical cold storage is 2200 cubic meters. The temperature is 2-8 Celsius degrees and the temperature difference is plus or minus 1 Celsius degree. Cold storage refrigeration control system is controlled by visual centralized software. It is equipped with temperature overrun alarm, SMS query real-time temperature, alarm on improper opening of cold storage door, power failure alarm, alarm linkage control, alarm SMS notification and other cold storage design standards. Cold storage equipment mainly uses Sanyo, the Italian original Contardo air-cooled chiller, Changzhou Jingxue board, Carel controller. The entire project lasted 45 days, and has been completed by the end of 2011 and got the acceptance. The cold storage runs well and there is no failure.

  • AstraZeneca Medical Cold Storage

    Project overview:
    AstraZeneca medical cold storage project is in Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai. The cold storage temperature is set between 2-8 Celsius degrees according to customer's needs, and it is high temperature cold storage. In accordance with customer's requirements, cold storage equipment uses well-known brands, such as Germany Bitzer, Denmark Danfoss and so on. The entire project took 20 working days. It was completed in April 12 and passed the acceptance. The cold storage is now in use.

  • Jiuzhou Tongda Medical Cold Storage

    Project overview:
    Tongda medical cold storage construction started in April 2012 and ended at the end of April. The cold storage project includes 9 sets of cold storages with a total construction area of 110,703 cubic meters. Project gets one-time acceptance and the cold storage equipment operates well.

  • Lukang Medical Cold Storage

    Project overview:
    Shandong Lu Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. large-scale integrated medical cold storage is located in Jining City, Shandong Province. With an engineering scale of 50,000 cubic meters and specifications 93 * 47 * 12 m, the cold storage uses fluorine refrigeration, air-cooled refrigeration units, long-distance air-cooled chiller. The project plan is based on factors of economic efficiency, fully automated performance, stability of cold storage equipment and reliability. The first phase of the project was completed in October 2011, and the second phase of the project was completed in March 2012. The cold storage equipment functions well so the project has been highly recognized by the customers.

  • Other Projects

    Project: Construction of a 1200-cubic-meter, -20 ºC plasma cold storage and renovation of a 120-cubic-meter, -30 ºC intermediate warehouse for Xinxing Medicine.

    Customer problems: Aging of the original cold storage facilities, decline of thermal insulation properties, large temperature fluctuations and excessive frost buildup. The problems above result in a temperature alarm and affect plasma refrigeration.